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            “Adam, will you turn off the Brady Bunch!  One day you’ll end up in it.” my mom screamed for the billionth time.

            I was sprawled out on our worn sofa with my feet hanging in the air watching The Brady Bunch.  I was munching on some old popcorn that I found between the cushions.  It was a great episode, when the family went to Hawaii.  The plane had just landed when I saw a light flash straight into my eyes.  It knocked me off the sofa.

            When I came to, I immediately felt a warm breeze hitting my face.  I also felt hot in my jeans and motorcycle sweatshirt.  When I opened my eyes I saw Greg Brady get ready in a hotel room.

            He looked up from the mirror and in a nervous tone asked, “Who are you?”

            I explained that I was from outside the television and he looked at me like I was crazy than a cat in a dog pound.  Greg shrugged his shoulders and found me a coconut bathing suit to put on.  We headed towards the massive pacific ocean.

            The beach was the size of a thousand football fields, with glowing sand.  I saw giant waves crashing down, while people fell off their surfboard trying to catch a ride.  I wasn’t going to try and surf, so I found Cindy and Bobby building a sandcastle.

            “Who are you?” asked Bobby.

            I tried to explain who I was, but they didn’t believe me.  They just let me help them build a sandcastle.  It was my job to get the water to keep the sand moist, since neither one of them liked the water. 

            After about an hour, we had built a sandcastle that any king would be proud of.  It had three long towers, and a moat with running water.  Bobby was really talented, because he even created a sand dragon.

            All of a sudden I heard a whistle blow.  Marcia was screaming that Greg fell under the water.  Mr. Brady and I rushed into the ocean to try and save him.  Mr. Brady swam like a fish and I swam like a paralyzed dog. 

            Without warning a giant wave hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was out cold.  After a short time I heard a familiar voice.

            “Adam, wake up!  It’s dinner time.  I swear that one day you’ll turn into one of the Bradys.”

            I slowly trudged over to the television and was about to shut it, when I noticed Greg laying down on his surf board.  He turned towards my direction and winked at me.  I shut the television and told myself that maybe I do watch this box too much.