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The Day I Was Bored

“Yuck, rain!” I moaned as I peered out the window, listening to the drops splashing on the roof like drips from a faucet. I really wanted to go out and ride my new bike, but now I was stuck in a house that was quieter than a class taking a test.

Standing in our hallway, staring at a photo of my family at the beach, I wished that I was there instead of here. Journeying through my house looking for something to do, I entered my dad’s office. He was working away on his computer, his fingers moving faster than a sport’s car.

With my little eyes softly looking at him, and my lips all puffed up, I asked, “Dad, can you play a game with me?” .

Without looking at me, my dad shook his head, no, and told me that he had a lot of work to catch up on. After he called out, "Ask your sister to play," I wandered towards her room.

Even though I was sure she wouldn't want to hang out with her little sister, I opened her bedroom door. She was laying down on her bed, with her feet on the wall, the phone cord wrapped around her, probably talking to her boyfriend. She spent more time on the phone with him, than she did in the bathroom. Which was a lot!

I was feeling discouraged, but not surprised when she screamed for me to get out. My next stop was the kitchen where the sweet odor of warm brownies waffled through the air and hit my nose like a dozen roses.

“Can I help?” I asked my mom in a pleading voice.

She told me that she had to bake 200 cookies for the church bake sale, and didn’t have time to let me help. I watched for a minute as she rushed back and forth, stirring the ingredients with one hand and taking cookies off the baking tray with the other.

Then, I decided to watch TV. The dog was fast asleep on our couch as I clicked on the television. It was raining outside, and all I saw on the screen was snow. The cable was out.

I know when I'm beat, so I went to my bedroom for a "make the world go away" nap. When I woke up two hours later, the sun was shining brightly. I raced towards the front door to go for that bike ride.

“Dinner’s ready!” my mom shouted.

This has been the most boring day of my life.